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  1. you saved my life, I've probably changed accidentally setting... I was going to contact the service center...but now everything is ok I'm happy! :)
  2. I've a big problem with my POD HD500X: has always gone well up to 3 days ago. Now my FS5 to FS8 buttons don't work to switch for example from 2A to 2B or 2C or 2D. FS7 led is always on. But if a try to click an arrow button and then one of FS5 FS6 FS7 FS8 in run (and FS7 led is always on). FS1 to FS4 has to switch on single effect and seems to be working correctly I tried to reinstall Firmware and Flash with Monkey, nothing to do. The device has not received blows. How can i do?
  3. is good! thanks so much! :)
  4. Hi all, I just boughtmy HD500X and i'm new of its features, then ecxuse me for a simple ask... If i play an high gain sound and i use EXP pedal, while i turn down Volume i turn down gain too! There is a way to use EXP pedal to change only Volume? (I've also try to put an external pedal in a send & return with an FX Loop but there is the same problem)
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