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  1. New to the forum and to Line 6. I purchased a used Pod pro and a used mk2 floorboard, the floorboard won't connect to the pod. According to the person who sold me the floorboard, it worked fine using the CAT5 cable with his desktop software. I have googled for solutions and have found nothing. Except one person who complained on harmonycentral that the two are not compatible, even though it says they are on the line 6 site. I would not have purchased the pod pro had I known there would be this problem. I read somewhere about a firmware upgrade for the pod pro, how do I do that when there is no USB port on the Pod pro... My question is: are these two units compatible? If so, how do I achieve making them work together? Please help as I am out of options here and I need something for an out-of-country show later this month.
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