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  1. Okay, I may be on to something. Lowering the sound in Windows to about 30% basically eliminates the distortion, with the distortion starting to kick in at about 45%. Such a dumb lollipop thing that I did not even think about it until now, since I always had the Windows volume bar set to 100% on my laptop and never got any distortion whatsoever. It is usable this way, but the problem still exists and jesus am I scratching my head how is this even possible? Anyone smarter than me got an idea why this might be?
  2. Update of what? I think I should've mentioned, that the laptop it works perfectly on runs the same version of Windows 10. Will try compatibility mode and report back. UPDATE: Sadly, did not help. Now I have noticed, that when I increase the volume on my monitors even more, they continuously whistle/beep with a background of what sounds like white noise or distortion. This is driving me nuts.
  3. Hello, I have installed a new PC which seems to have some kind of trouble with my UX2. The sound that goes to my monitors and headphones is distorted. Setup: i7-3770 8 GB DDR3 480GB SSD Monitors: Yamaha HS7 Headphones: LZ-A4 OS: Windows 10, freshly installed two days ago. Troubleshooting so far: Fiddled with buffer sizes Uninstalled all other audio drivers and disabled onboard audio Flashed BIOS Reinstalled all USB drivers Reinstalled (twice) everything from Line6 Monkey Disabled Intel SpeedStep Tried different power sources for monitors Bought a PCI USB card which my UX2 is now connected to Tried different USB cable for the UX2 Changed power plans in Windows And ofcourse tried to connect the UX2 back to my laptop which I used with it before and except the usual random malfunctions of the UX2 (when it just stops working without any good reason and I had to do a hard restart, because after that, the laptop would not restart the usual way) it worked. So, yeah, I am getting desperate and looking for help. inb4 reinstall Windows Thank you
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