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  1. Hi guys, does anyone experience extreme humming when placing the sonic port after some pedals? The exact same chain of pedals sound ok when i plug it into my actual amp. but hums like nobody's business when it goes into the sonic port.
  2. Hi was wondering if anyone has the same problem. I'm running an M5 in the middle of my pedal chain, so it's either the last overdrive/dist option or the first modulation option in the chain. I'm experiencing erratic fluctuations in tone and volume in the patches. For example, in my "Tube Drive" patch, it's like as though there's a Tone and Volume knob and someone is adjusting it as i play. At first I thought it was a problem with a faulty cable or pedal somewhere in the chain but one after another I tested and isolated the problem and it's the M5. Anyone faced the same issue?
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