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  1. Hi All, I'm a total novice on Vyzex and not really sure what I'm doing. I have plugged my Pocket pod into my USB port and set all Midi In/Out ports to Line 6 Pocket Pod. I have plugged my pocket pod into the Line In and plugged in my guitar When I click Auto Sense in preferences it flashes a screen and then closes down. My question is...what next? Should I be able to hear my guitar through my speakers and should I be able to tweak the sound on the studio? How do I record? I have read through the manuals, but they are not idiot's guides by a long way and am now pretty stuck. All help appreciated!
  2. I just bought a pocket POD - I'm totally new to it and have gone through all the sounds i can find. There's a load of options, but the one sound I am looking for I can't find. I am trying to capture a real 80s sound - ABC/Curiosity killed the Cat etc. In reality I probably need an auto-wah pedal or something similar, but wondered whether there was any way I could get a sound like that out of the pocket POD If anyone has any tips (and can provide guidance at idiot level) I would be really grateful
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