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    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks guys, Sounds like a really good comprehensive guide that meambobbo put together. Will definitly check that out! I do have a queston in terms of connecting a monitor. When playing live i was thinking of connecting XLR left to PA and thne XLR right to my monitor for stage volume. Havin said this, when i create a patch, would it make sense then to set the chanel volume on Mixer hard left for PA connection and hard right for my monitor on stage? Or do i leave both in center? Right now i am plugin to home speaker and testing my patches and i have both left and right chanells set to hard left as i only have one mointor plugged on XLR left output. Thanks, Nermin
  2. Dugme

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello guys, After years and years of playing through half stack + pedal board, i decided to simplify my rig in terms of carrying all that stuff around to gigs, and so i ended up picking up POD500X few days ago. I am definitly happy with results that i am getting however i am still in the learning phase and i was hoping i could get some of you pros to help me out. My set up right now is Guitar (srat) > POD500X > KRK5 speaker ( aim using XLR left for connecting POD500X to KRK5 speaker) I have started puting my own patches in place. But because POD500X allows for so much flexibility i was woundering if there is a certain way on how you guys approach seting up these patches for live performance? If you could give me help and tips on this it would be very helpfull. I am in the begining stages now on creating what i like and i am trying to do this the right way if that makes sense. I plan to plug directly into PA during gigs, and perhaps have one speaker that i will have for monitor. Thanks.
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