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  1. Anyone to help? I found that maybe my patches are somehow corrupted. Anyone with the same problem?
  2. Hi there, I am using HD 500x for about half a year. The problem started week ago. I am using ABCD mode for switching presets. When I switched for B,C or D preset it automatically is switching back to preset A and I can not switch to any other preset. Even when I am using preset A and I am trying to use any of the additional switches to add delay, reverb or whatever other setting assigned to top 4 switches it is coming back to original. It happens after 10 or 15 minutes of normal use. In the worse scenario I can not use Tuner because it is keep on switching back to preset A. I used monkey to reload flash and it did not change anything. I am using normal guitar and variax. I was thinking that maybe my variax cable is making that error but it is not the case. Please help solve this problem. Right now HD 500x is completely useless.
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