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  1. This is no issue, it's just a fact - my Drums go out via the four monitor outs (Bd, Kick etc .. separately) And also they _would_ go out on the Main-Out if the "Main-Fader" (driven by the big knob) would be up. To hear my M20d-recordings on the PA I need the Main-Out (with Volume up) In case I record the drums I don't need Output ! (remember: I use the M20d as my Submixer, it's not the main mixer) .. Well, I didn't try out what happens if I use the Mute Button(s) - does this also destroy the Main-Out-Recording ?
  2. Hi all, I use my new M20d as a submixer for my drums ( as long as the band .. still .. does NOT understand what a excellent machine this is, hahaha !) 1) Doing Multitrack on the SD-Card works well. But I didn't find out jet at what point the recording is grabbed. Is it Post-Trim and Pre-"any DSP" ? Probably also Pre-Highpass ? 2) Next issue is that Stereo-Master is recorded Pre-Fader which trashed all my (first) recordings. I had to "mute" Master-Out as it lies on Faders on the main mixer - and they don''t want to get the Drums twice - one via the four Sends (Monitor Outs) and another from Master. I would like to have the choice to record the Master-Out at Pre-Fader ! Possible ? 3) and that's also a wish: a integrated Metronome ! .... would be "nice" ! Thanks and have fun with M20d !!! Peter
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