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  1. Hi Guys, I am currently cracking my head to figure out how to increase electric guitar level from Line 6 UX1. I have set maximum level for volume both from guitar knob and ableton volume control. Its really frustrating to see the waveforms are pathetically small in the recorded audio tracks. So, i tried switching audio interface, i tried using my focusrite scarlette 2i2. Instantly, the waveforms are much more larger, at least 3 to 4 times, might be due to their better preamps. But, 2 weakpoints, no full range of Line 6 guitar effects (as I am not using UX1) and the noise level is very high ( a lot of buzzing sound). How should I solve this problem? I do not intend to buy a preamp or a new guitar. Is there anyway I can boost the signal level from UX1, it will be such a waste that I can't put those amazing effects into audible waveforms. Thanks in advance for all your advices!
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