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  1. Should I use the "soft, medium or hard" EL34EHs? I like the tube crunch at lower volume levels, but I want to get what's best for the amp.
  2. Good to know! Thanks for the info. With all of the talk about the vintage tubes being so sought after, I didn't realize that the newer amps' tubes needed to be changed this often. I will try that. I'm assuming that your recommend changing all 4, vs. changing them one by one until I find the "culprit", correct? CC
  3. The amp is only a couple of years old. I don't use the amp daily, but regularly. There have been times when it's sat for weeks, then times when I play it 3-4 times per week. And the hum is related to the gain knobs on both channels. When I turn down the gains, the hum is reduced as well. Would this narrow down which tube to replace? I'm no expert, but it seems rare that a tube(s) would need replaced so quickly, doesn't it? Thanks in advance for the info/advice! CajunChris
  4. My DT50 112 started humming really loudly, all of a sudden. It is only a couple of years old, and I don't gig with it, so it's been really taken care of. It is humming really loudly, and the hum is affected by the GAIN knob. If I turn up the GAIN, here comes the hum...but this is abnormally loud! If I turn down the GAIN, the hum is reduced. I'm guessing that it may be a ground issue, but I really don't know. Any recommendations on things to check or ground connections to tighten? Thanks, CajunChris
  5. I recently bought a DT50 112, and read that the speaker is an 8 ohm speaker. However, the amp came from the factory with the speaker plugged into the 16 ohm speaker out jack. I'm assuming that this was a mistake, and that the speaker should be plugged into the 8 ohm speaker out jack. Is this true? Thanks!
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