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  1. Thank you for the support! Ok, already tried that. I was not sure i could use the amp out for the frfr! Now the only problem, is that i still get the guitar sound combined with the computer audio in the hifi. But i want to hear me playing just from the headrush. Is that possible?
  2. Hello everyone, i wish someone can help me with my new Pod Go, and how to connect it to my speaker. I have an frfr headrush active speaker designed for this type of unit, and my hi-fi stereo amplifier, for now. 1 - It is possible to connect both, and make the guitar sound coming only from the frfr speaker, and the music from my computer connected with usb to the interface from hifi stereo? At first, i was using only my hifi stereo, using both the main out with a 2x trs > 2x rca cable, to connect the unit to the stero amplifier, to hear both. 2 - If yes, which output i should use (main out, amp out)? And how i should set this two option on the settings of the unit?: Main Out Level (Line, Instrument), Amp Out Source (Main Out, Pre Cab/IR). 3 - Also, can i use a speaker cable, the one i used to connect my marshall head to a guitar cab, to go from the interface to the frfr speaker? I have a good one. Thank you very much!
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