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  1. oh dear seems I have wasted a lot of money for nothing ....oh well it's almost bonfire night they should burn well. I have the 150 watt twin 10 inch celestion speakers Thanks anyways
  2. Thanks for that..ok I have the FBV express MKII.......will this work please ?
  3. Unfortunately I was foolish enough to purchase a Spider 2 150 watt not realizing that Line 6 have washed their hands of it...anyways can anyone tell me what it is capable of in terms of creating patches and saving them.......I have played about but all I can do is save a pathetic four ...Does this mean that each bank ie. A, B, C, D can only have one patch each ? If this isn't the case could someone tell me the steps to take please.
  4. Unfortunately I purchased a Spider 2 150watt not realizing that there would be no support for it...Anyway the question is how many banks and patches does it actually have...can I create and save my own patches (more than the pathetic four that the channels provide) and if I can then how would I go about it please
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