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  1. Thanks man, the Shiva lead was supposed to kind of be front and center so we did that on purpose. But tone wise some of you think the soldano lead in the bridge was better huh? Or is it that it just 'fits better sonically in the mix'?
  2. Thanks for the alternate input and compliments man! I guess I should have mentioned in case it wasn't so obvious that on both solos I'm using the Morley Mark tremonti power wah (the real life one, I can't stand trying to use the helix expression pedal for that) in about 80-90% of the soloing. That wah has a built in gain boost I had dialed up to about noon which could have added some of the harshness too I imagine.
  3. Thanks so much for the feedback! I agree 100% that the Shiva lead tone is way better than the soldano. The only reason I did that was two have different tones for the different lead sections to help separate the mood of the two to the listen if that makes sense. In hindsight, my new favorite lead tone in an update that wasn't out yet when I tracked those solos is the Mesa Mark IV Lead channel model. Man that's a killer tone with some an overdrive in front and a delay after the cab block.
  4. So I decided to go with a soldano patch on the first solo and a bogner shiva patch on the 2nd. The rhythm amp was my mesa 100w dual recto head through a boogie 2x12 cab. I thought it turned out okay but i'd like so alternate opinions. Here's the link: Edit: I also used a (real life) Morley Mark tremonti power wah in between my guitar and helix throughout most of the soloing. Also when I tracked this I didn't have my OwnHammer IR's or my Mission Engineering Gemini II yet, (which I now run the helix to and mic up for leads) so I was just going direct in. Also I don't remember which amp block or mic model/distance I had set up.
  5. Hopefully this hasn't been answered before. I didn't seem to find this exact question in any search results. I'd like to use the helix (for this particular scenario) as you would use any normal delay or modulation pedal in if you didn't have a helix. In other words, I want to plug my guitar directly into my tube amp and use only some delay and phaser from the helix in my tube amps effects loop. I imagine something of a '3 cable method like this: [Guitar > Tube amp in] [Tube amp effects send > Helix fx return] [Tube amp effects return > Helix fx send] Then I go into an empty helix block and put: fx send > delay/phaser > fx return. No amp or cab models. Will this work? My amp is at the studio so I can't test it till I go back in in a week.
  6. Ok, and one more unrelated question from me. I'm sure I would fiND the answer to this in the patch notes but I dont wanna go digging just now, did the guitar input impedance option get removed recently? If so why?
  7. I just bought this cab and I wanna use it damnit! What are the best headphones I could get under $1000
  8. Well me neighbor and I did some testing. I set a loop of me playing some random palm muted and non palm muted power chords and did some directional adjusting and went back and forth from my condo to his and it just seems like the lower end frequencies are what is causing the problem. The only times you could really hear it from his condo despite the volume level was when I was palm muting. Especially a '022xxx'chord.
  9. Well no because the amplifier is built in to the cab so I have to literally take the cab apart and screw around in there which I'd rather not do. The helix isn't the amplifier so there's no point putting a load box there.
  10. So you both have said pretty much the same thing, I just need to turn it down which isn't a problem. However could I save a few decibels of noise reaching my neighbors living room by repositioning the cab? If so what would be more effective: rearranging furniture so the cab in against the dividing wall but facing the opposite direction or simply keeping things the way they are and turning the cab 90 degrees
  11. I'm sure what I'm about to say has already been said before but I do think I've found the ultimate speaker. If you think I haven't yet, please give me suggestions so I can continue my Neverending search for the perfect tone. After trying lots of different computer speakers (klipsch, bose), and studio monitors (Mackie and Adams) I came across a post on here from a while back talking about powered speaker cabs. It had just never occurred to me before.. after just a few hours of playing through my new Mission Engineering Gemini 2 I am absolutely blown away with the realistic tube amp sounds I'm getting out of this thing. Now this leads to my problem which I have a question about. I live in a condo that shares a wall with another. The gemini 2 boasts a whopping 220 Watts of power capable of being heard from one side of the city I live in to the other I would imagine... and while I haven't put the volume knob on the back of the cabinet much past 9 o'clock I'm sure you can imagine my predicament. Currently I have the cab on the opposite end of my living room directly facing the wall dividing my neighbors and I (approximately 12 feet from cab to wall). Needless to say I've had a of couple knocks on the door. I want to be a courteous neighbor so I'd like some suggestions on what to do besides (but I AM more than willing to do this) 'turn the volume knob down'. Would it be better if I put the cab AGAINST the dividing wall but facing the opposite direction? Should I leave it where it's at but change it 90 degrees left or right? Unfortunately at this time it must stay in living room. Thanks in advance guys.. rock on! Tl/dr: Mission engineering gemini 2 is the lollipop as a helix speaker but is there anything better? It's also loud and I'm pissing off the neighbors. Need sound wave direction advice. Edit: the 'lollipop'? 😂
  12. Where should I place the eq in my signal path? When I turn the master up past about 3 it kind of just seems to add to the fizz. In the user manual it says the master setting is highly reactive with the other power amp parameters. So should I crank up master and then mess with the bias and bias-x? Or should I try turning the gain down?
  13. I had the same problem yesterday. I just Uninstalled the line6updater, redownloaded and reinstalled it and it worked
  14. Thanks for the responses. I'm starting to gather what IR's are all about. So then the helix has these IR's already built in or am I supposed to download those separately? Now the main reason I wanted to use an sm57 1-2" away is because I've used that before in real life on my dual rectifier back home and it sounded great. I just figured it would sound the same through the helix that way. I tried switching to the 421 and bring the high cut down to 5khz and that seemed to help a bit. Switching to one if the ribbon mics made it sound too muffled and muddy or something
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