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  1. simmonske

    Vetta II 2.03 and 2.5 firmware download

    Hi all, I Finally figured out how to load the VettaComba_2_50_vtf file. I had to put a Windows XP computer back together out of five trashed systems, and load the Monkey 1.16 for the Archive download page at Line6.com. I used the UNO midi device with the correct drivers recommended by line6 back in 2009. The Monkey still would not see the vetta but had a tab that allowed me to select a local .vtf file upload and sent it out midi to the vetta. The line6 Monkey 1.16 popped up the step by step procedure and in 30 minutes I was up and running. Later versions of Monkey in Windows7 and Windows8 will not have the local file select option so you will not be able to do this, I went back to 1.36. AND!!!!! since the vetta is brain dead, no Monkey or Line6Edite will ever see it. Now since my Vetta Combo is fully function and has a new 3 volt battery, I dumped all the Syx files for backup so in 8 to 10 years I have to change the battery again, I will not have to depend on the .vtf file. Plus when changing the battery use a snap socket for a 2032 battery. I pulled one off an old AMD motherboard and it lined up just right. vetta_250.syx Vetta_250_models.syx Vetta_250_factory.syx I used the tool Borne's SendSX to build and load these files. Let me know if you need them by this blog. Keith PS: Line6 will have the file VettaCombo_2_50.vtf to Email but I never got a good answer on the Monkey issue, I had to hope that my idea was going to work for me. I
  2. simmonske

    Vetta II 2.03 and 2.5 firmware download

    Hi all, The history; I had my vetta2 for years with a 2.50 Firmware, started having patch problems on night so I backed them up the next day after I fixed them all. Then weeks later I turned the amp on and it freaked out and locked up. After some researching I found out it has a 3 volt battery. I went inside and metered it and it only has 0.4 volts. I put a socket in its place and put a new battery in. I have this file from the latest upgrade on my PC called "VettaCombo_2_50.vtf" Now since Monkey no longer works, I have no way to load this file. I did buy the UNO MIDI device years ago for the upgrade as suggested. I did put a ticket in to see if Line6 can help, still waiting for the response. What I need; I wanted to check on this board for anybody who has the vetta combo 2.50 file in .syx format so I can use a Syx download tool. This is the best amp and the long board has the best access to FXs and patches. Keith