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  1. I am running XLR. The Global setting was set to mic I changed it to Line. What a difference. I was getting a bit disappointed with the Helix. Now it sounds incredible through my Mission FRFR. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I'll give it a try.
  3. I am running my Helix into a Matrix GT1000FX amp. I was using this with a Fractal Axe FX XL. I don't seem to get the same amount of volume out of the Helix. I am running the Matrix into a Mission 2-P 2x12 passive speaker. On the clean tones I almost have to dime out the Helix and the Matrix to get decent volume. I'll have to recheck my connections but I think they are good. I am using Mogami XLR connections from the Helix to the Matrix and Speakon from the Matrix to the speaker cab. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the IR's. Just got my Les Paul Classic fixed today. Will try them out tonight. What speakers are loaded in this cab? I didn't see any mention of it. Thanks again.
  5. I am going to call customer service when they open.
  6. Hello all. I just received my JTV-59 today. Charged the battery and went through all the models. Sounds impressive. I am running it through a Fractal Axe FX II XL and a Matrix GT1000FX-2U 1000w amp. I noticed with the strings muted when I dial the volume and tone knob I get a nasty static. This happens whether I am on the magnetic p/u or the models. The higher gain the worse it is. It almost sounds like bad pots. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I did speak to Line 6 today and last night. They assured me that the guitars that ship to the retailer's are all new, never refurbished or previously owned.
  8. I guess I'll give it a chance. I am not so concerned about the mechanics of the guitar. I don't know if the piezo has changed over the years. I guess the modeling end is all firmware up-gradable. The pictures of the guitar all look fantastic. Plus Sweetwater inspects the instruments thoroughly before they ship them. I guess nothing ventured nothing gained.
  9. This guitar is new from Sweetwater. They just got these from Line 6.
  10. Hello all. I am about to take delivery on a Cherry Sunburst JTV-59. The only problem I have is that this guitar was manufacturered in 2012. Is this something I should be troubled by? I talked to a tech support guy at line 6 and he says they haven't made any changes to the guitar. I just don't know how I feel about paying $1000 for something hat is 4 years old. Maybe I shoudln't worry. I would welcome any advice. The serial number is W12010526.
  11. I'm not sure if anyone has experience using a Fractal Audio Axe FX with the L3t?
  12. Hello all. I have a L3t and am running a Eleven Rack into it. I was wondering if anyone has been using these two together?
  13. dlettau

    Pod Hd 1/4" Outs

    What would be the best connection going from the been to a single l3t speaker?
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