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  1. oliveralex

    Worst amp ever?

    Hi, today I have been to the music store and tested a Spider V 60. It sounded the same way like the 120. Now I am shure, that mine wasn´t defect - it sounded just like any Spider V does. So my last hope is gone - the Spider V is not my cup of tea. I don´t want to fiddle that much withe the tone stack AND the 4 Band PEQ. So don´t agree with guitardad123: the PEQ IS required and if it wasn´t there for sure a lot of people won´t keep the Spider V. So the search for the perfect amp goes on (and on and on...). a Kemper? a Eleven Rack? Helix? Axe FX? Regards, Oli
  2. Hi, have you tried a Spider V? Please make an A/B test with the two amps - I am looking foreward to your results! Regards, Oli
  3. Hi, thanks for the hints. You told already in the other thread, that your Spider is an exception..... But I have two Spider IV 74. Both amps act exactly the same, so as many other Spider IV of other users do. So it is definitly not a defect, especially because the volume pot is working this way just from the beginnig of purchase. The volume is not an issue, when I play on my own, because I use the amp in a much louder way than I did in the band. But it is a matter when I Play in moderate volume. Anyway it would be very useful to have direct out and master volume separat like in the Spider V. Warranty is over and I am used to soldering quite well.... So again, does anybody know something about the schematic of the master volume pot? Regards, Oli
  4. Hi all together, I have the same problem with my master volume pot as described by many users in this thread: "Spider iV Master Volume Pot Problem", but this is just one aspect of my Problem. I am using my Spider IV 75 in gigs where I have to be quite quiet on the stage, so it is a real Problem to mic the amp and use it as guitar Monitor at the same time, because of the adjustment of the master volume. On my Spider the "sweet Point" is in between just 2 or 4° of the circle. Otherwise it is nearly inaudible or much to loud. So I wonder how the master volume pot is hooked up. Is it just an analog voltage divider placed infront of the power amp section or is it much more complicated? Is there a schematic out there? I tried to hook up my Spider with the direct out into a Behringer GI-100 Speaker simmulator and then into the mixing console and the tone is quite good for Background guitar. But unfortunatelly the volume of the direct out is influenced by the master volume pot as well. So I wonder if there is a way to get separat Volume for Speaker and direct out. If the master volume is analog and after the preamp it should not be a Problem at all. Regards, Oli
  5. oliveralex

    Worst amp ever?

    Hi, thanks a lot for that users guide, but I can´t understand, why most factory presets demonstrated on the homepage of Line 6 sound so much different to the original amp (if my horn isn´t broken). On the other hand it is nice to to have that PEQ, but have you ever seen a tube amp with build in PEQ? Some of them just have treble and bass - that´s it, no 4 band full parametric EQ additional to the tone stack. And they sound great, otherwise nobody would want them to play, buy or moddel...so why don´t just moddle them how they are? The more you can adjust, the more you can go wrong. In my Spider IV I don´t need a PEQ, because the tone stack goes all the way from crispy high to the low end, you can scoop a heavy sound without sounding dull or boxy.... I just came back from the band room. I demonstrated the amp to my friend. Without saying a word within 5 seconds for playing he wondered if the horn is broken. If it is broken - and I really hope so - everything is fine, but the more I read about other peoples experience with Spider V the more I believe everything is "allright" with this amp, at least nothing is broken. I believe that if tweaking the PEQ is necessary to get a good sound, then something really went wrong in the signal chain infront of the PEQ. The other point are the XLRs. They have much mor highs, but in comparison with the Spider IV line out (running this into a Behringer Ultra-G speaker simmulator) they don´t sound that good. So now I know what to do - putting the Spider V back to sender and keep my Spider IV, save some money and perhaps buying a kemper or a Spider VI. But there is a little hope left. I told my music store about the problems and they will look after the amp and compare it with the others. I will post the results of the music store. Regards, Oli
  6. oliveralex

    Worst amp ever?

    Hi, you will have to perform a factory reset, then you can listen to the factory presets. Yesterday evening a friend of mine came with his half year old LG smart phone to test the app. Unfortunatelly this phone doesn´t have the "full USB Support" so there is no way to test the app, no way to download user presets - what the f.... I once was a Line 6 Lover, but with all those circumstances I am getting more and more a Line 6 hater. It is absolutely disappointing - what is the Problem of making a MAC/PC editor like the Spider IV already have? I wonder if they want us to buy those amps or want us to go to other brands.... In the evening I will test the XLR - if they fail I will return the amp! Regards, Oli
  7. oliveralex

    Worst amp ever?

    Hi, all the things you said sounds in my ears as fine tuning - in my amp it is much more getting a sound which doesn´t suck right from the beginning! I played back some music on my amp with the AUX in and wondered why there is nearly no sound coming out of the horn. I also tried playing back the guitar riffs and there is also nearly no sound coming out of the horn, even when master is half way up and my ear direct in the upper right corner of the amp. I guess that the horn is defect. An other issue that points to this fact too is, that using some headphones there are much mor hights audible. Especially with the acoustic setting 3D. Listening to it via headphone this really sounds like an Yamaha APX, but listening to it via the amps speakers it is hardly recognizable that I have a real acoustic guitar plugged into the amp. Is it the same in your amp? Would you please test the factory presets 4C, 5D, 8D and 9D... all these presets sound absolute horrible, way to much bass, everything vibrates with master half way up, absolute no highs and totally muddie. It is hard to imagine, that anybody could dial in such presets and even harder that they sell an amp with them. I really hope, that my horn is defect, because I would love to have Spider V which sounds half the wy of the Spider IV, because of all those features. Regards, Oli
  8. oliveralex

    Worst amp ever?

    Hi, unfortunatelly I haven´t a mobile device, so I can only use the amp by itself. But yesterday I have tweaked a lot and found the main Problem in the adjustment of the presence. It is very sensitve, so that 5% make the difference between quite useful and horrible. Also the adjustment of the mic makes a very big difference i.e. SM57a and SM57S. IMO the difference between the different mics is much bigger in the amp than in the original. IMO the amp has too much Parameters to dial with and too much of them which doesn´t work. So it is very difficult to get or to find a good Sound by surprise. In my Spider IV the selection of the amp model and the regular tone stack is absolutely sufficient to get a good Sound. In the Spider V it isn´t. Line 6 should really Change the presets und do some simplification on the amp. It should be plug and Play - no one who want´s to try an amp want´s to tweak it at least 30 minutes to get a good Sound, especially when you don´t know the amp with ist possibilities of adjustment. Also there is a Need for a Desktop Version of the Spider App. After all that tweaking I have to say, that in the matter of tone my Spider IV is much better than the Spider V. Tomorrow I will try the XLR Out in our band room. If they fail the amp will go back to Sender. Regards, Oli
  9. oliveralex

    Worst amp ever?

    Hi together, unfortunately my Spider V 120 sounds also bad. The tone is dull, no transparency, no clarity. It feels like you are looking through a dens grey curtain. No matter which preset I dial in, always the same dusty shape of tone. These presets have nothing to do with those presets you can listen on YouTube. If the Spider would Sound like that it would be really great. I am also not able to create a Setting from the beginning which sounds just half the way of my Spider IV 75. I love my Spider IV 75, but I am missing all the cool features the Spider V 120 have. Giving the Spider V the soundmachine of the Spider IV would create the perfect amp. So I have 2 weeks left before I can´t send the amp back. Perhaps anyone can tell me how to get a good Sound out of the amp. I would love to, because of all the Features the Spider IV haven´t. Regards, Oli
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