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  1. In defense of StealthPro, I feel compelled to back him up with regards to quality, after all these units are made in China. However, not all things made in China are of poor quality, i.e., Apple products are made in China but Apple enforces strict QA and QC manufacturing policies. Quality means something around the world where a well-made device is appreciated. One would expect to see quality when letting $700 USD fly out of one's wallet. The 4-way nav button on the first unit I received was so loose that it took several attempts to get it to click. The USB cable was not defective as I used it on other USB devices. The USB jack merely lacks the depth to securely accept the plug end of the cable. I find these two issues unacceptable. Did the unit function? Yes, but not consistently. Does newspaper work? Yes, but I prefer soft toilet tissue. Most people desire quality, and the Pro X is an example of how a cheap $0.95 switch in a $700 product can engender controversy and critical thought. I hope my reseller finds a better unit in their inventory, because I do like the tonal quality of the HD Pro X. At the end of the day, those of us who desire quality over mediocrity will have to make the appropriate choice, which is our prerogative. I believe this thread for the most part has illuminated a few concerns about quality control and component specification in the HD Pro X, and that's a good thing.
  2. If the 2nd HD Pro X I receive has these two issues, I'm calling it quits with this make and model. That flimsy 4-way nav button and loose-fitting USB jack just rips me the wrong way. I'll sell a gallon of my blood and bite the bullet on an Axe-Fx II.
  3. I returned the HD Pro X to the reseller. I agreed to a swap if they can verify the unit doesn't have these two manufacturing defects and the unit functions. Since the reseller updates the firmware and loads additional custom presets, it makes sense that they can pull a unit to inspect it for defects prior to shipping me a 2nd HD Pro X. I'm assuming they weren't aware that the flimsy 4-way nav button is a hot topic on this forum so I pointed them here. Like others have said, at this price point the HD Pro X ought to be a flagship product. I'll post yet another update if and when I receive unit #2. I'm not holding my breath though, as I believe these two defects are not flukes but are inexcusable design flaws.
  4. Electronically, the unit appears to function and produces good tonal effects, but the 4-way Nav disc is loose as a goose. Another issue is that the USB jack does not securely hold the USB cable, thus it intermittently looses its connection to a host computer when the cable is moved. These two mechanical issues are indicative of a manufacturing defect and poor QC. I've contacted my reseller and will update here with a follow-up post. I know the AXE FX is 3X the $$$, but it's made in the USA and is built to higher manufacturing standards. Oh, the pain of a tone junkie.
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