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  1. Purchase the board for $99.99 and it registered and worked fine. Thanks!
  2. I have a chance to purchase a second-hand FPV Shortboard MKii for half the price of a new one. The question hat I have is, can I register and take Infusion updates for my Spider IV 120 amp? I know this can be done with a new one but cannot find an answer for a used one. Thanks, Mike.
  3. Just A quick question, I have looked at both the shortboard and express and understand what the primary differences are. The question that I have is with the function 1, 2, and 3 switches do you need to program each effect in or will the shortboard just turn the effect on and off (understand it will need set on the amp)? What I want to do is be able to turn each function on and off, just like an outboard effect as I am playing not sure if this will work like that.
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