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  1. In Waves GTR3.5 Standalone are labeled as Input 1, 2, 3 and 4, in ML-SoundLab Amped Roots are labeled as Input 1+2 and Input 3+4.
  2. Hello there! I've been using a TonePort UX2 for a couple years for monitoring and recording with microphone. I wanted to try a few amp-sims I got, just for practicing quietly at home... However, when I open the standalone amp-sim, the input signal options are only 4 channels from the UX2 and I don't get signal from any of them. I set the PodFarm on Instrument input to make my guitar sound and of course I don't get any signal if I set it on Line 1 or 2. It is strictly necessary to use a DI box in a mic channel to enter to the standalone amp-sim? Or how can I fix this? Thank you for your help Sincerely, Ismael López
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