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  1. Don't worry, I have found that the thing is totally faulty. It does things randomly and then gets a loop going that won't turn off. It's a dud I'm afraid. Back to the shop. Unfortunately now I've had the taste I want it to work properly. Cheers.
  2. After getting this unit it went bad about a week later and had to have a replacement motherboard. Since I got it back I find when I change a preset it turns off and I have to move the amp setting or the speaker box setting after which it comes back with the new preset. I'm wondering if there's a simple fix for this without taking it back to the store again? Anyone had this happen? Thanks.
  3. Thankyou gentlemen, glad I asked before the plunge.
  4. I've just acquired a Line 6 HD300 unit and at the same time am considering a change of OS over to Ubuntu Linux for various reasons like MS no longer supporting XP.. Has anyone out there used this combination? There is no mention of Linux in the Monkey downloads. I have very slow satellite broadband and have found the Monkey downloads so far painfully slow or even impossible as the biggest upgrade refuses to load the latest version. So I'm thinking Linux might make it totally impossible. I may have to take the computer to a fast broadband for downloads but if Linux does work with it this would help. Cheers, Dan
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