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  1. Hi Yes the soultion is to change latency to 20ms then unplug the phones and plug them again. But.... it works only for 2 days :) Now the sound is not distorted because there is no sound at all !!! Line6 sucks so much for me......
  2. Hi I have the same problem on my Iphone 4s. I wrote to them and describe my problem and this is what they say: Hello Marcin - we have heard reports of a few people experiencing this problem, but our customer support technicians have never been able to reproduce the issue and determine a fix. Would you mind opening a free support ticket and discussing the problem with our support team? They are very interested in helping you resolve the problem and they would love to hear more about how your phone is set up so we can duplicate the issue here. You can open a free support ticket on our website: http://line6.com/support/tickets/add.html Thank you! In my opinion they will not update mobile pod soon because as far i know it work fine with Sonic Port....
  3. Hi, I have a strange problem with my Line6 products. I don`t know if problem is with Mobile Pod or Moblie In. The problem is that when i`m playing on headphone the sound is terrible distorted. When i`m take the plug out and start playing on Iphone 4s buildin speaker everything is alright. When i`m playing on Jamup the problem doesnt exist. I have Iphone 4s iOS 7.0.3 Please help ! Marcin form Poland. Sorry for my english :P
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