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  1. I understand what you are saying..I was hoping for a ballpark setting like DL,s from the customtones that are posted..I,m just learning the helix and seeing what sounds i like and then looking at the chains of how they are put together.. As for the guitars, say i use mine (SR250), with a preset,,,then i switch to a SR270 using the same preset.. both tuned the same. Would the tone be noticeably different? Just wondering as i,m second guessing myself as to maybe i,d prefer the SR270. Thanks !
  2. I,ll give that a try .. another question... i have the SR250. The models and tunings that are stored within all the different variax models are the same ,correct? If so, if i used identical settings on a SR250 ,,compared to a SR270...how would the tone be different? Thanks
  3. I,ve been watching all his vids and any others about the Shuriken and HelixLT.. So many different settings, was hoping someone knew what was going on in the vid i put a link to .. Thanks !!!
  4. Just got a Shuriken..Came across this vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u44OHpoJL8 Absolutely awesome sound throughout.. Wonder if anyone can decipher the settings that he was using ? (Tunings used and guitar models when and where...) Also i,m figuring he used a beatbuddy or something similar...Correct me if wrong. Thanks btw,,, this is the Coolest looking guitar,,absolutely love it !
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