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  1. Ok thank you, but I have an HD 147 not a vetta, will this still apply?
  2. I just played a show in Galt,Ca over the weekend and I lost my power cord that goes into the back of the amp, my other guitarist in the band says he has several types of those cords...Now is there something I should be looking for on the cord, so that it does not ruin my amp or anything like that?
  3. Open up ur computer/Laptop and dial it in thru the midi in/out , you will be able to dial in if the amp is even registering it in the first place
  4. Hi there rescently purchased a HD147, great amp , great features,but im having a problem at live shows. But when Im jamming by myself or with my band the amp sounds dialed in, yet when theres a lil bit more room such as a venue, the highs start deminishing and I can hear the lows and mid cut through, but Im the lead guitar in the band, and cant seem to get the high squeels and harmonics that I do with my Boss MT2 distortion pedal, any suggestions on whart to do? and I am using the built in gate and compression buttons as well.
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