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  1. Hello, I am not able to set up my Mac with Pod Farm 2.5 using UX1. I am not able to configure the audio options because when I go to Preferences ==> Hardware tab on the Pod Farm software to set up the audio I do not see the UX1 on the list. The ONLY option says "Built in microphone" and the UX1 is not listed. It is plugged in and the Mac recognizes the UX1 but it is not available to choose. I am stuck and need help. I have activated my license and everything else looks good...I just can't configure the audio. Can anybody help me? I've attached 2 screenshots of what I see also. Thanks
  2. Hello, I bought a UX1 a few years back and always used it on a PC. I haven't really had a chance to use it for a while but now I want to start playing again but I need to install it on a Mac. I do not have a CD drive and don't think I have the CD that came with my original purchase anyway. Can someone guide me on what exactly I need to download or what I need to do so I can use my UX1 + Pod Farm 2.0 on this Mac? Is it possible? It seems like it would be straightforward but to be honest Line6 leaves a lot to the imagination when figuring this stuff out. I don't record...I play for fun and the whole Line 6 Monkey and all that I always found cumbersome at best....I don't even know what files I need to install. I simply want to play, not record or anything fancy. Do I need to buy the newest Pod Farm 2.5 or what do I need to do? Can you help? I'd appreciate it if so. Thanks W
  3. Well, after a 3rd reboot it now is working properly. But if you know how this may have happened or how I can troubleshoot when / if it happens again please let me know. Thank you
  4. Hello, I am using Pod Farm UX1 on Windows 10 and am having a problem today. Normally I leave the UX1 plugged into this Win10 machine and it works fine. But sometimes I move the UX1 to my laptop to play in a different room. Today I want to play on the Windows 10 machine so I plugged it in, but now I have a sound issue. The guitar sound is working properly, coming through my headphones plugged into the UX1 unit. The issue is the other computer sounds (like the music I am playing along with) is not coming through the headphones, but instead it's coming through the computer speakers. I restarted the computer and triple checked my connections and all of a sudden it's just not working like it always has. Can anybody please help me with some troubleshooting so I can figure this out? I'd like to play today :( I've checked my Windows sound properties and everything points towards normal operation...the UX1 is working properly...just the output from the CPU is not through the UX1 like it always has been. Thank you
  5. Reaper is perfect and works great, thank you again! W
  6. Thank you! I will try these out. I don't mind paying a little, I just don't have Ableton money right now haha. Thanks again! w
  7. OK, that didn't work. You need a serial number to use Ableton live lite and of course I don't have one because it didn't come with Pod Farm so I'm back to the beginning... Any other not $599+ options?
  8. Hmm, I found Ableton Live Lite and it looks free, I will try it.
  9. Hey, Thanks for replying. It did not come with Ableton, and I don't have $599 to use it right now. Any other ideas? Thanks, Wally
  10. Hello, I want to record with a backing track! I just got Pod Farm 2.5 recently and am using the UX1 interface and am looking to do something that I think should be fairly simple, but of course I have not much of an idea how to do this. I have looked around a little bit and to be honest I am not a professional recording musician, so I am totally lost. So I have the Reason Limited software that came with my Pod Farm and that is all I have. I simply want to be able to record guitar part(s) while playing along with the backing track, and I want the backing track to be recorded in Reason Limited. I am good with technology and all of that, but so totally brand new to all of this guitar technology so I don't know where to start. Honestly, I find Reason Limited to be a little confusing, but I am able to make basic recordings so I thought I would be able to figure it out, but not having any luck. If anyone here has done this or can recommend a way to record my Pod Farm sounds while also recording the backing track I would appreciate it a ton! thanks, W
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