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  1. I'm in the market for something like the ToneCore Development Kit, but I'm trying to get a couple questions answered before I buy. I've called the customer service phone number twice. The first time, it said the waiting time was six minutes and that I could have a call back. I chose the callback, but had to leave my office for a meeting a half hour later. Of course, that's when the return call came in. The message was professional and polite, so I called back, and again was told that there was a six minute wait, and I chose callback. It has now been almost an hour and a half with no call back. I thought I might open a support ticket, so I created an account, but apparently I have to register a product before I can add a support ticket... So, anyway: 1) I have Vista 64 bit. Apparently this is a show-stopper. Has this changed? I've got a chicken and egg thing going on; all my other programs work just fine, so it's a bit hard to justify upgrading or buying a new computer just for Tonecore without trying ToneCore first. At the same time, if ToneCore is a legitimate product, it would seem this limitation would be fixed, yes? 2) What is the support lifetime of ToneCore? I've had a couple projects in the past go EOL before I was done, and I'd prefer not to invest the time if that may happen here. 3) There are only four topics here in this part of the forum. Is the development kit really that good, or are there just not that many developers? Thanks, Doug
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