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  1. fflbrgst, that's an interesting thought...yeah, that's true. Too bad this capability and/or flexibility was not considered in the design process. Hopefully, we all can develop a solution, distill it, and make it available to others. I know many folks that would love to do this.
  2. Hello to all that posted...thank you for taking the time to post your comments---I really appreciate it, again, thank you. To Spaceatl, a special thank you, and I look forward to your findings. To fflbrgst, understood and I guess a shame. To psarkissan, thank you and understood, I will proceed with caution. I do want to say, it would seriously be cool to do this. I have several Line 6 Spyder IVs that I adore, and what I have done in the past is to arrange them around the stage at the venue (in addition to micing), and they truly sound amazing together in unison--they really do. Speaking as a hopefully valued customer, Line 6 may want to consider developing this option/capability going forward for any or all amplifier products, it may increase overall flexibility and assist in further showcasing cool stage dynamics these amps can provide---for which undoubtedly I would continue to purchase. Again, thank you. I look forward to all of your continued remarks. -peter
  3. Greetings! A little while ago a stumbled across a series of postings that focused on how to control 2 or more Spyder IVs from one FBV MKII. Several of the entries discussed the use of a RJ45 Y Telco T splitter used in the telecom industry. Several links had missing pictures and some broken links. I am writing to all of you to see if you would be willing to provide me with the information on how to do this and with what components. I have a gig coming up this Friday and would like to give this a whirl. I would sincerely appreciate any or all assistance you may be able to provide. THANK YOU! -peter
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