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  1. People in the other 'issue' thread say they are getting less than an hour after 1.06. Is anyone else getting 3 hour battery life now?
  2. Have they fixed this for new units going out to new costumers? They are still selling them. How is that possible if they are they same units, and if they are now fixed, peoples replacements are still bad? None of this makes sense. I would like to replace my defective units but Line 6 doesn't give guidance, and this forum certainly doesn't. It's murky at best.
  3. Obviously , 30 minutes isn't enough, and the product is worthless as it is. Are they still selling these? Do they tout the impressive, game changing 30 minutes battery life? "Best in it's class, the G10 will let pros warm-up before the big show!"
  4. I just set this up today with hardware monitoring turned off. Its an extensive device, and it seems to work well as a standalone interface (8 input channels, etc). Strangest thing though, I installed the optional Line 6 driver that enables you to change the sample rate and it doubled the (apparent) latency. Now, it sounds fine, and it's unnoticeable, which is all that matters, but when I tried to uninstall it (to compare to regular class compliant Core Audio driver), I discovered that the Line 6 driver uninstaller doesn't uninstall this particular driver. You can tell as the Class compliant driver is listed as 'Helix Audio', and the Line 6 driver is listed as 'Helix Lt' (and of course the latency numbers are very different). You have to manually uninstall it, as I found from another (helpful) post: "The driver will be in Macintosh HD/Library/Extensions. Inside the Extensions folder, you should see an item named "L6Helix.kext." If you don't want to use the Line 6 driver simply remove the file "L6Helix.kext" to the Trash." ​So I'm using the regular core audio drivers now. No immediate perceived difference, but will go back and forth for while as a test. I'm not even sure if the latency numbers Logic give you are accurate when you do this sort of thing. But then again, 20ms is perhaps only noticeable to quick people :D ​The numbers I get are: Line 6 drivers: Logic X, Software monitoring only. 5 core audio plugins (which should not effect it much); 48kz ; 64 samples buffer. Latency is around 20ms (not too bad). Then: same setup with the line 6 driver uninstalled will show around 10ms (or less). Again, I didn't measure the latency myself somehow, i'm just going by what Logic tells me. Just a heads up
  5. Right, those are probably just right. I have the K271 (Austrian version). Thinking about this a little more (I have lots of headphones LOL), it's really a matter of the current available to the IC chip they use. Apparently, they use a good high current IC, so they recommend higher ohm monitors. This is a good thing, but perhaps misleading, almost like they assume people are going to know details about this. But in they end, buying headphones with these recommended specs can't hurt of course......except the wallet
  6. This is the first audio equipment manufacturer who has EVER set recommended specs like this. Trust me. Nothing wrong with it, except that almost all 'studio' monitors (headphones) are way below 250ohms. The norm for headphones is around 18ohms to 50ohms. Anything over that goes into audiophile territory, which is not what this should be. Again, nothing wrong with it, except for the fact that poor unwitting slobs (like the fellow who actually bought HD600's for this) will go out and spend a fortune on stupid headphones. To each their own though. Either someone who came up with these specs is a serious audiophile/nut, or they made a booboo.
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