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  1. Ah I see sounds like this Mark Wright bloke knows a thing or two maybe I need to contact him does he have a website or similar? I imagine California is far nicer than anything we have in the midlands lol!! Thanks again I have a gig in ten days seems like I'm gonna have to seek alternative gear out...
  2. Ok thanks for your replies. I will contact E & M tomorrow, I take it this is who you work for and hence get in contact with you?
  3. How does he contact you through those channels? What info do I need to give him to contact you directly? Many thanks
  4. Ok thanks, given this is a common fault I take it you may know the problem? From what he said I think it's because he doesn't want to touch double sided boards?
  5. Hi all! Hoping someone can shed light on my problem... For the last 6 months or so my amp turns itself off then straight back on. It started off doing it roughly once in every 3 or 4 gigs but the final straw was last week when it happened 8 times within ten minutes of turning it on. Needless to say the amp is unusable. I need this to gig with in two weeks time! I've read on forums that it could be a problem with the processor overheating, so I followed the advice and placed a heat sink on the chip along with a fan blowing cool air on it only for the problem to remain. I gave it to my local guitar shop tech repair guy to look at, he phoned today to tell me hen couldn't locate the problem. He tried blowing heat onto the amp but concluded it didn't effect the amp as it was turning off when cold anyway. The worrying thing is he won't touch the circuit boards, reason being they are double sided ie they have components both sides. So if he tries to fix something on the top of a board then there is a high likelihood something on the opposite side will be damaged or affected. It is this reason the shop won't stock Line 6 along with the Marshall (MG?) series as it uses the same technology! The amp is only 2 years old so out of warranty so apart from spending upwards of £600 including FBV I am now in possession of an unusable piece of gear unless I send it to their workshop which will cost £50 postage before they even look at it. I read somewhere the Spider 75 suffered the same problem and L.ine 6 said it was a known fault and as a result were repairing them free of charge. Any advice is very greatly appreciated!
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