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  1. Hi there, Thank you for your answer. I think that the HD500X is the most suitable for me. The other stuffs are kind of same thing with features on iOS and Android (not sure if the Helix is better but it's expensive!). In fact, I will try to learn more things on guitar then maybe 3 4 years after when I would be ready, I may gig again!
  2. Hello, My name is An. I've played electric guitar seriously since 4 years and I was in some bands. But know I've realized that I still have many things to learn and it would take me years to acheive. So I decided to sell all my amps and pedals because I don't gig anymore. Now I am starting playing at home but I have to play on headphone because I live in an appart. I have been an user of Pod Farm since 3 years. But now I feel that I can not get the tone I want (kind of Eric Johnson's tone) with the Pod Farm (by the way, I hear way too much the sound of picking with Pod Farm and sometimes I don't like it). I am thinking about getting a new gear to practise. I've never played on other things except real gears and Pod Farm so honestly I don't know how to start with in the world of gear simulation. My question is: could you recommend me something which gives me a good tone, given that: 1. I play on headphone 2. I don't really need to record, if I do that, it's just for listening what I play and to see if there would be any mistake... 3. If possible, can play backing track at the same time I play (like the Pod Farm because everything is runned on a computer) Certainly I am not trying to ask an impossible gear but would you know which is the best compromise? I see so many players having the Pod HD500X but some people say that it's not better than Pod Farm. Recently L6 's announced the FireHawk which seems sympa too. The Boss e-Band JS10 seems good but I don't use the speaker and it takes too much place... So could you please answer my question? :) Sure, real gear is the deal but I can't do it because it's too complicated. But a good tone will always give me the pleasure to take my guitar and to practise. Thanks :) An
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