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    Sonic Port And Amplifi App

    ahhhh. That's what I had suspected. Do you know if Line 6 has any plans to further develop the Mobile POD app or is it toast?
  2. StratoSphere82

    Amplifi App. Can It Be Used With Sonic Port?

    that is what i suspected. bummer... wonder if Mobile POD will ever get a makeover
  3. Will Sonic Port users be able to access the new AMPLIFi app? Or is the AMPLIFi app only to be used with the actual AMPLIFi amp? I just purchased a Sonic Port not that long ago and while I really like the device itself, the Mobile POD app is just average. If Line 6 doesnt have plans to improve the Mobile POD app, I definitely think Sonic Port users should be able to use the new AmpliFi app to get new/improved tones.
  4. StratoSphere82

    Amplifi App. Can It Be Used With Sonic Port?

    Im wondering if this AmpliFi app can only be used with the FRFR speaker??? I just bought a Sonic Port a few months ago and the Mobile POD app seems somewhat outdated already and there have been no app updates. I really hope they will let Sonic Port users use the AmpliFi app. It sucks because the Sonic Port is a somewhat new product and it doesnt seem like they are putting any effort into developing the Mobile POD app.
  5. To answer your question. YES! The demo video that was made for the Sonic Port by Line 6 was with the line out going directly into an audio interface then Pro Tools. The proof is here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=frxCgs-Kjng The guitar player that made the demo video for Line 6 ran right into Pro Tools. Here is the Line 6 demo video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTyyuuq68Lw (you'll see the solo at 43 seconds in) I have recorded directly into Garageband and Logic using the 1/4" output from the Sonic Port. It is a line level signal and nothing special is needed to do this. I plugged my guitar into the sonic port, ran the 1/4" output directly into my audio interface (TC Electronic Impact Twin) which feeds my DAW (Garageband or Logic Pro). Your audio interface should have a button for your inputs to switch between PAD/Instrument level signals. You have to choose the instrument setting as I did on my interface. Check out my clips I made with my Sonic Port running directly into Garageband. Jazzy and Mobile POD Test were both made using the Sonic Port https://soundcloud.com/stratboy82