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    Hd500x Cosmetics

    I have seen an HD500X for sale...next to each foot switch at about "7 o'clock and 1 o'clock" there are 6 sided "detents" or impressions into the surface of the metal. Is this typical of all HD500X surface panels? Thanks. lrmars
  2. Ok...got it, thanks. Do ALL the Line 6 XT Live units contain the same factory packages...same number of and name of stomp boxes, amps, cabinets etc? Most I have seen contain 95 stompbox presets...but a couple I see for sale used have 80 or more stompbox presets. Were there "early versions" of the XT Live that might have had different factory packages? B) LRMars
  3. Greetings, I am shopping for a used Line 6 XT Live pedal...some have a sticker on the upper left that has Variax printed on it...some have no such sticker. Any difference in the two pedals? Many thanks, LRMars
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