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  1. OK... So I got the UX2 to work. I have two theories on this for why It didnt work. This may sound crazy but you know what? Computers are crazy to deal with. If you are having the same issue as me i hope this works for you as well. First theory... I dont know about any other DAW but Fruity Loops gives you the option to install the audio driver ASIO. This time around, i didnt install it. This may not be news to most but it got me! lol So I think for some reason my default stock Sound drivers with ASIO were conflicting with the Line 6 Drivers. How? I have no clue... its just a theory and wouldnt hurt to try uninstalling ASIO and Pod Farm drivers and starting all over completly. Second theory... Everytime I got Pod Farm to work It was on the Administrator profile on my computer. Now, I dont know If maybe when I switch the profile back to a normal profile on my comp it changes settings to which programs are allowed to run without admin rights. All computers are different in their own ways. Again this may sound stupid. But to someone with more knowledge with computers than me... This might just makes sense. Or lead to different ways of thinking when trying to fix this issue. Again... heres the kicker. On My girlfriends HP. I ran it on the normal windows profile and had ASIO installed. This is what leads me to believe that one or both of the theories may be true. This time around when i got Pod farm to work I did nothing special. Installed the latest software and drivers. Authorized and I was good to go. Listening to good ol metal on my itunes throuh the UX2 as I type. I hope this helps! Sometimes the stupid simple things fix the big, annoying problems.
  2. *Edit* Hello. I am have thisproblem. Everything is installed, Updated and authorized. My Computer and DAW both see the UX2. But when I open up Pod farm or anything else that has sound. I get nothing. Nothing is going in and nothing is coming out. I Reinstalled Windows. I tried everything. This computer is a Samsung laptop. Win 7. Intel I7, 6gb RAM. Good computer Heres the kicker... After playing around for literally days trying to get this thing to work... I switch to my girlfriends PC. HP, Win 7, Not sure what processor but its a dual core. 4 gb RAM. I installed Pod Farm 2. Updated everything. Authorized it. Worked perfectly! First try. So we switched computers. I used the HP for a while. Just a couple days ago for lollipops n giggles I decided to try pod farm again on my Samsung. And Holy hell! I got it to work! Spent hours transfering everything back to the Samsung and all my girlfriends stuff back to her HP. Got my DAW Running. My Toontrack stuff. Then... No sound again... Just like when I first bought it. What in the hell could be going on? I created a support ticket and talked to the guy about it for a couple days and he couldnt figure it out either. Please help me!
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