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  1. Thanks for the reply. Apple suggested using their USB-C USB adapter. But it turns out, M-Audio Fast Track is incompatible with OS X Sierra anyway. I ended up buying an M-Audio M-track 2X2 which has a USB-C outlet and everything works now. For others with the same problem, a USB-C USB adapter would be worth a try.
  2. I've been using the POD HD500X on a Windows laptop directly and via M-Audio Fast Track interface. I recently purchased a Macbook Pro (2016 version) with all USB 3 inputs. I tried connecting via Fast Track but failed since it is incompatible with OS Sierra. I tried connecting directly using a USB converter/hub but failed. 1. Is HD500X compatible with Macbooks having all USB3 inputs? 2. Do I need to buy cables that are standard USB input with USB3.0 output? Please help!!
  3. I've been using the HD500X for a couple of years without any issues connecting to a Windows laptop directly and via M-audio Fast Track. I recently purchased a Macbook Pro (2016 version) with all USB 3 inputs. I tried connecting through the Fast Track via a USB converter/hub but failed since Fast Track does not support OS X Sierra. I also tried connecting the POD directly using the USB converter/hub but the Macbook did not detect it. Is POD HD500x compatible in any way with the new Macbooks with USB3? Would I need a cable with a standard USD input and 3.0 output in order to get it working? Note: All drivers are installed and updated via Line6 Monkey. Please help!!!!
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