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  1. Hi apologies if this has been asked before! I am trying to run my helix as a front end to 3 separate amps. But when I have them all connected I get a ground loop hum.I have to unplug all the unused cables to make it disappear. My current setup consists of the following, Mesa Roadster combo 4cm through effects loop 1 and 1/4 out hard panned left Marshall Sv20 stack 4cm through effects loop 2 and 1/4 out hard panned right fender deluxe reverb no effects loop so effects loop 3 Send into amp input i have them al set to different presets as I only play them individually.. all amps and helix are on the same power extension. all amps are connected with brand new planet waves American stage cables. I don’t gig anymore so just want to be able to play any amp i want without unplugging any cables. I was hoping someone would know any tricks as I don’t want to have to buy multiple hum eliminators and additional cabiles for 3 amps. any help will be very much appreciated cheers
  2. Hi Does anyone on here use the helix with a Mesa mark V in 4cm? Before i pull the trigger I would like to make sure it works better than my old g system did ,ie ground loop hum Also how does the model pre amps sound through the Mesa power section? I like the idea of having a fender and Marshall amp on tap? Thanks
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