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  1. Hey Guys - just got my Helix a few days ago, and have a question I hope someone can answer. Is there an editor software available similiar to the HD line, and what is the best was to upload patches to the Helix. I connected my Helix to my MacBook via USB, and it didn't recognize it at all. Wasn't sure how to get some newer custom patches I received from a freind uploaded to my Helix. Thanks.
  2. I just recently acquired a POD HD Pro-X rack unit, and I am looking for a floor board that I can change between presets/banks, turn effects on/off, and that has a volume/wah expression pedal. I have an older Line 6 floor board that was used with an old Flextone (the board with the side by side volume and way pedal), but it doesn't seem to work the the HD Pro-X. My questions are - should the older floor board work, and if so, how....and if not, what does anyone suggest I use as a floor board in order to do what I need it to do? Thanks everyone for your time - much appreciated.
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