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  1. Ahh, for a second I thought you had solved my problem :-) Yes I've checked the Midi Mouse manual and there is no way you can change the preset numbering. Now that you can change the preset numbering in the Stomp (either 000-127 OR 01A-42C) it would be nice and very convenient if you had the option to switch to 001-126 also. Perhaps in an upcoming update :-) Anyway, thank you so much for your time and your reply. Regards Jan
  2. From rd2rk: "PC is Program Change. There's 128 possibilities, either 000-127 or 001-128. Different mfrs implement it differently." (End Quote) In the Stomp you can change the Preset numbering format to be either 000-127 or 01A-42C. I have the Midi Mouse also and it can only change between 001-128. I would be nice to have the option in the Stomp also to change the preset numbering to 001-128. :-) Jan
  3. I have a Variax 500 and I am considering buying a Firehawk FX. From reading the Firehawk Pilot Guide/manual I get the impression that the Firehawk will only work with the newest Variax models? Is that really so or have I misunderstood something? Regards jakama
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