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    Hi Sorry for my english Prague - Czech republic :) I want to share the experience with sound settings, specifically Podem HD 500 and DT 25th After a few hours of laboring 1.SETTING sound DT25 without Pod HD 500 - DTEDIT fimware version 2.0 I figured out that the sound is set in Dt25/50 are complete simulation preamp and poweramp and cabinet ! !. Line6 calculated about the fact that they will use Line6 speaker cabinet compatible with Dt 25 /50. Sound comes out of the cabinet as a whole . eg JCM 800 - GT75 . If you use a different head with a box , so you must turn off the DT -Edit cab simulation ! ! 2. POD HD 500 -DT 25/50 and Line6 speaker cabinet . Use eg HD -edit or set directly on Pod HD Pod HD connected with DT 25/50 - L6 LINK Below I have set the output to Stack power amp. In HD edit a selection of amplifiers complete preamp poweramp and cab. You can also just preamp with a cab or without. 3.POD HD -DT 25/50 and other speaker cabinets Pod HD connected with DT 25/50 - L6 LINK set the output to Stack power amp. Selected only preamp and a cab. Simul off !! More knowledge. If you are using REVERB in Pod HD , you need to off - reverb DT 25/50 to zero.Sorry for my English
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