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  1. Hi guys: Do most of you insert your wah after the XT or do you do it before using the Pedal 2 input? I'm also running an looper pedal right after the XT. If this is a knob question please forgive me as still in the learning curve for all my new toys lol Thank you in advance for all who reply
  2. I don't think so as I just run the XT into the front of my Mesa then out to my Marshall cab the other out of the XT goes to the other cab. Is it that the Left signal is the only processed signal? Guess it would be easier and probably better if I just ran out from the Mesa instead of the XT
  3. Hello: I'm sure I'm doing something wrong but I finally got around to running my XT Live out to 2 separate cabs and for some reason the RIGHT signal is clean and the regular mono out is full with distortion and whatever else I've tossed in. So YUP you guess it lol....what am I doing wrong as of course I want both left and right the same sound. Any input would be helpful and thank you at all in advance who reply......have a great day
  4. Hello: Ok here is what I have: Line 6 Pod XT Live and a Dual Rectifier Mesa Boogie head and a 4x12 Marshall cab. It was suggested I use the 4 cable method to accomplish what I want and . . . I'm a bit confused so I just want to make sure 1. it can be done as I don't think the XT offers what I need. I'd like to use my XT Live JUST as an effects box. So no coloring of the sound using any of the built in amps or cabs that come with the unit itself. Thus allowing every stomp box to be assigned to a different effect. So if I were to use the 4 cable method on the XT Live how would I set it up as I don't have a return on the unit itself or am I totally missing something here? Any suggestions would be helpful.
  5. Wow! thanks guys. I will try this later on today. I was unaware of this setting. . . I love fourms
  6. Hello Anyone else have this issue with your XT Live. Even with volume pedal all the way off I can still hear my guitar. Is this a known issue and if YES has it been corrected with the HD500 as I'm planning on upgrading. Thank you to all who respond.
  7. Hmmm? . . Well the entire thing stack, head and Pod are all plugged into the same power bar so not sure as nothing else is in the chair . . guess the Pod just doesn't like when I don't use all the great heads and cabs it offers. So it's purposely adding noise so I'll use it and not go direct into my stack lol
  8. Hmmm? that is unfortunate actually and it's a real pain to have to unplug the Pod just to get a nice noise free sound from my head. Just odd because with the XT AMP off (so in bypass to my stack) and my Channel 2 OD ON I get the noise. And only when I add the XT to the line up. Somehow I think I'll be going back to pedals lol
  9. No you see that's just it . . . I only get the noise when I run it through the Line 6. If I just go straight into the stack no noise at all. But when I add in the Line 6 XT Pod Live I get instant noise floor. . . guess I'll just have to tinker around with it
  10. Hello: Am I doing something wrong? OK so I have checked all my cables and all that kind of stuff but here is the deal. When I use my Marshall stack I have zero noise on clean or high gain. When I run it through my line 6 XT Pod on clean I'm usually good but if I use the high gain I get a ton of noise. . . If I turn off the AMP and use just my Marshall it's the same thing. I have turned down my level input on the XT and still nothing. . . again if I don't use the high gain on the Marshall and just leave it on clean I'm for the most part fine. I love the tones I get out of the XT but there are times that I want the natural sound of my Marshall head and this is where it becomes an issue. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks to all in advance who respond Don
  11. Hello: New on here and still tinkering around with my new XT Live so go easy on me lol Anyways I find that even with AMP off it tends to color the sound from my marshal stack a bit. Anyone else have this issue or am I doing something wrong? Second question is I find I get a lot of hum from my Pod when using a high gain setting is this normal or can I dial it out? Any suggestions would be helpful . . ok back to tinkering lol Thank you
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