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  1. I heard comparability mode on PC would do the trick, but that leaves us Mac users still with the problem. I have stuff I would like to record ASAP and this is making me regret my purchase.
  2. So I just got the UX1 with Podfarm 2.5 today and I've tried literally everything but nothing seems to make the UX1 show up in License manager for me to authorize it. I can use it Podfarm and everything still, but it's extremely frustratuing as I won't be able to use the full version of Podfarm until I can authorize my UX1. Any help would be great! EDIT: Also, I'm a Mac user.
  3. So I just got the UX1 with Podfarm 2.0. Basically my problem is that the UX1 will not appear in the License Manager for be able to authorize it to use the full version of PODfarm.
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