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  1. That's rip off England for you, it is the same with most electronic stuff J
  2. For now it is my son's ESPLTD EX-50 BLK (James Hetfield lookalike), so i guess not a very "blues" guitar, but as I said I am a complete noob to electric guitar. Though somebody recommended me this guitar http://www.andertons.co.uk/solid-body-electric-guitars/pid9185/cid671/squier-classic-vibe-50s-strat-in-2-tone-sunburst.asp I will go to my local music shop and see if I can try it, but from what i have read so far the perfect guitar to play blues Bruce thanks for the link, I will check it up
  3. Hi there, first post on the forum. We bought a Spider IV 15 for my son to use with his new guitar. Myself, I have been learning for the past few months on an acoustic guitar. My teacher uses an electric when I have my lessons, and when he plays blues, I really love the sounds that comes out of the amp (he obviously uses a different amp all together). I have been messing about with the amp and the guitar (again electric guitars are completely new to me), my son's guitar has only a volume and tone dial, and 3 positions for the pick up. No matter what I have tried to setup the amp to, I am not getting a blues sound (if it makes sense), when we bought the amp, online, the salesman told me that I should not have any problem playing blues. So my question is, what setup should i use to get that blues sound. Hope my post makes sense, I am new to this. Thank you JC
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