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  1. Hi Kilrahii thank you very much for the reply! I will check it out with other cords first yet thanks for the hint!
  2. I have been practicing a lot with the firehawk with our band and since lately when I use the 1/4 output directly on my amp the sound sounds far away and tinny. Like it is missing a lot of the spectrum. The same happens when turning it onto a speaker via a monitor. I simply use the AMP setting and not the Line setting (the adjustable knob on the back) so this is not the cause. I have been trying on both 1/4 outputs and I really do not know why, when playing with headphone it sounds normal. I hope you experienced the same and know the solution.
  3. I recently bought a Palmer battery pack and wanted to use it with the firehawk, so instead of wiring it to the default electricity using an adapter, I wanted to use the battery pack. The adapter the round exit easily went into the extension line of the batttery pack, but the different cords which serve as an output of the bat aren't pluggable to the firehawk, but they are pluggable to a pedal. I am nuisant what other users of a firehawk use as an alternative power source
  4. I just unpacked my firehawk fx and connected it to the android phone. First thing it said the firehwawk needed a firmware update. So I did the firmware update to 1.3 and since then the device wont't be recognized through the android phone app. I already did a restart of the firehawk and forgot it within the bluetooth list and added it again. The android pairing works out well like expected. But the app keeps on showing this "busy round" when i select menu option device. It doesn't recognize the device and stays in the syncing state. I hope anyone can help Thanks
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