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  1. Nope, haven't gotten around to trying yet. Hoping someone would have some insight on this!
  2. Hello! My KB37 has served me flawlessly for years, but now the mod wheel has started misbehaving. Unless it's at the top position, it randomly sends out MIDI data without me touching it, which can mess up automations etc. Time to open up the device then - so is there's a guide for fixing this issue, or should I just wing it? Cheers!
  3. Well, I did pay €339 for the KB37, and as you can see I'm not opposed to buying a second license, so I'm not exactly sure what you're implying. Yes, the page both says that you need hardware and that you don't need hardware. Hence the confusion. But that's all cleared up now thanks to the earlier post, so, case closed. :)
  4. Okay, that clears it up, thanks for the answer! If that's how it works, then this page doesn't need the "required hardware" list: http://store.line6.com/software/plug-ins/pod-farm-2.html
  5. Got on my home computer and found POD Farm 2 as an "add-on" under KB37 in the license manager. So I suppose PF2 is only allowed on the device KB37 is connected in. What if I take the KB37 to the studio - can I authorize Pod Farm once and be done with the hassle, or do I have to have the KB37 connected at all times? Also, if I were to buy a second POD Farm 2 – the store page says it can be used "with any USB interface", but then there's a list of "required hardware". Confusing. So if I buy another license, do I still need some Line6 hardware or not?
  6. I bought a new KB37 in 2013. Using it frequently, works to this day with zero issues. Thanks! It came with POD Farm 2, which runs fine on my home computer with KB37. I'd now like to install POD Farm 2 also on my studio computer. At the studio I don't need the KB37, just the software. Does the license allow this, or do I need to have the KB37 physically connected whenever I want to use POD Farm 2? This would be a problem because my home and studio are in different places. I'm asking because the Line6 License Manager shows my devices correctly but tells me "I haven't bought any software" (although I do have legit POD Farm2 at home). So obviously at the studio the POD Farm 2 plugin runs in "unauthorized" mode and I have no idea how to proceed. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!
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