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  1. Okay I tried it and it will switch models and I can hear that it is switching pickup positions but it is still just showing the middle pickup with the same 0dB volume and level.
  2. I hooked it back up and both lights are green. I used a trs cable this time, but it's still doing the same thing. Workbench sees the variax, responds to it if you move the toggle switch, but all pickup models and levels are the same, ie all spank middle and all lester bridge etc.
  3. I thought a standard instrument cable was tip sleeve...Anyway, It's the same 1/4" cable I've always used while linking variax to the workbench and it always worked till now. It feels like a driver problem.
  4. It's a standard instrument cable not tip ring sleeve. I was thinking it could be the cable going from the interface box to the guitar...but since it happened the second I got this new computer that seems like a pretty big coincidence and I figured it was the computer or the software.
  5. Yes, I have the 1/4" plugged in and the battery is fully charged.
  6. Oh I see what you mean...I run the USB to that plastic interface box (clear plastic with the lights in it) and the cable goes from that to the variax. I've had trouble getting it to connect a few times but never this bad.
  7. That I'm not sure....Is there one that is more compatible with the Workbench connectivity?
  8. I've tried both and they both behave exactly the same unfortunately. I've noticed that when I go into configure, and click add, that when it shows me the Midi in Midi out part, It doesn't appear to be all there. one of them shows "wavable synth" and the other is blank. If I click the arrow and expand, it's still blank. It looks like some kind of driver is missing but I've updated all of the drivers to the latest versions also.
  9. I've been using Workbench for some years now but I had a computer meltdown and got a new computer with windows 7 Professional on it. I loaded Monkey, Workbench, USB interface and all updates and drivers. The program seems to see the Variax in that when I move the goggle switch on the guitar it changes on the computer in realtime. The problem is that Workbench isn't seeing any of the presets on the guitar. It just shows all of the pickups as "Bridge Position" and all at the same volume. I had loaded some custom tunings that I've been using for years and it isn't seeing them either. It seems to be a midi driver issue but I updated those and then removed and updated them again. Is there a specific driver that I need?
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