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  1. Hi there, currently using Pod hd-500 through a  dt 50- 212 with L6 link. 

    The HX stomp looks pretty interesting, wondering if its compatible with present set up through dt 50 fx loop.



  2. Thanks so much for the replies,What I really want to be able to do is record a track and have it play back through the amp so that I can play along with it.Now as far as the amp modeling and fx go I think the pod has that covered but I like the idea of being able to play backing tracks.And I would like to stay with line 6 equip. Thanks Dave
  3. Okay,what I have is a pod hd500 and dt 50 212,I really like the looper function of the pod,If only it lasted for a longer period of time.Iv'e been looking at the Jm4 looper ,would I be able to place it in line with the pod and amp and get the play along and record features of the jm4 Thanks Dave
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