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  1. Hello - I've done some researching, and I didn't really find anything... but is there any update/solution for getting Logic Pro to play well with Helix? Background: Trying to record in Logic will send the Helix straight into unresponsiveness or have it flash between the main function window in the tuner (depending on where you are on the Helix when recording is enabled). Turning off MIDI via USB on Helix solves the issue, but of course, that means you can't use MIDI on the Helix. Thanks in advance!
  2. This is it! Thank you so much! I'm new to Helix, and was not aware there could be separate outputs and how you create them from separate paths.
  3. This would be a useful setting for a future update!
  4. Yes - one path is panned left to send it to USB 1. The other is panned right to send it to USB 2. So when you listen to it in headphones, you have one path in each ear. That's what I'm trying to fix.
  5. Hey all, I'm processing two different inputs into Helix on different signal paths, and I output them to USB 1 and 2 discreetly for recording. Through headphones on the Helix, using a Multi Output block, of course, I hear each signal path in a different ear. Is there an easy way to set up a block/path so the headphones monitor the signals mixed together (both signal paths present in each ear; in other words, both signal paths panned to center in the headphones)? Thanks in advance! Davin
  6. Mike, Thanks for your reply! Sure enough, disabling MIDI over USB on the Helix fixed the problem. Now to fix the problem on the Logic side.... One thing I noticed is that the tuner flashing happens only when more than one track is record-enabled. But I do found it odd that I'm the first to see this bug. Anyone from Line 6 have any thoughts? Davin
  7. Hi all, New to the Helix Rack (upgrading from Pod X3), but I can't find any reference to this problem: In Logic X, when trying to record via USB 1/2, when I enable tracks to record in Logic, the Helix Rack then starts flashing back and forth from the preset I'm in to the tuner. The flashing frequency coincides with the flashing of the record buttons on the tracks! Disabling the record stops the flashing, leaving the Helix in the tuner. I'm using Core Audio with the Helix Rack selected as output and input device in Logic under Preferences->Audio. I've tried using a different output device, but with the same results. I've also tried it with the 1.0.5 Helix maxOs drivers installed AND uninstalled. Recording in this way with my Pod X3 worked perfectly. Firmware 2.71.0 Logic X 10.4.3 macOS 10.14.2 Thanks in advance!
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