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  1. Hi All I have the flashing logo & the unit will not start or connect to my PC. I have tried holding the left arrow button & resarting the power but no luck. I have reinstalled all drivers & ran Line 6 Monkey & still no luck. I have changed the usb cable and restarted my PC. Notthing I an doing seems to work. The unit was sitting idle for about 2 months. When I initially turned it on it was OK. I unplugged it to move it. & when I turned it on it would not restart. Any ideas would be appreciated. Rick
  2. Hi All I am having the same flashing screen issue. I have read all the suggestions on this thread & none of them seem to get it working again. I have held the left arrow & powered up, reinstalled all drivers & sofware. Still gettin the flashing screed & cannot connect to the unit from the PC. Any help would be appreciated Rick
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