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  1. Thank you both! I'll give that a shot:) Which output on the HD500X to the FX return on the HD147? I know, stupid question, but no video I found really covers this.
  2. Hey everyone! I am tired of looking for my live solution. Currently I have a Peavey 6505+ that I've been having issues with. I have an older Line 6 HD147 I use when I get frustrated with my other setups. It is still a rock solid option. I've tried the 4 cable method from my HD500X to my HD147 and I cannot get the sound I want. I am looking to use my HD500X, and keep my Mesa 4x12 cab in the mix. I want the control of my tone. The few times I've also tried a live direct out to the house PA from my HD500X it sounded like trash. So doing a bit of research a lot of people using amp modelers, Line 6, or Fractal Audio stuff, they output the HD500X to a power amp, to their cab. Anyone have experience here? I was looking at the RockTron 300 Power amp. Any experience or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!
  3. Seriously, thanks guys. I printed out the Advanced user guide and laughed when over 100 pages spit out of the printer:) I am, slowly getting the hang of it, just gonna take some hands on time. I am taking it to the studio tomorrow to attempt the FX loop to my HD147. We'll see how that goes!
  4. Thanks man! I was afraid 8 was all I could. How do I assign FX5-8 for patch selection with FX1-4 for stomp boxes?
  5. Hey everyone, Bear with me here as I just purchased my HD500X and am still getting familiar with it. I have been learning the patches and options the past few days and I have a few questions. I have figured out how to use an effect and leave it permanently on without assigning to an FX button. For things like my EQ, Noise Gate, etc. So here are my questions.... Is 8 the max number of Effects I can use on 1 channel preset? Can I have FX buttons 1-4 for use with stomp boxes and FX 5-8 used to switch through channels A-B-C-D on my current bank? It seems a little odd I would have to hit the bank button then a preset to switch from a heavy channel to clean.......... Also, while in our practice studio and while playing live I'd still like to run this through my cab. I have a Line 6 HD147 amp and I plan on running the HD500X through the FX loop on the HD147 so I can play it though the amp acting as a PA. This way I can get the tone through my Mesa Cab. I have read I need to assign an Effect Loop option to my effects on the channel, I just ran out of effects at the 8 limit. Any thoughts and help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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