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  1. Recently got my Line 6 m20D and I have been working my way through all of the amazing features I read about in the great stories of the fabled product descriptions and videos (sorry I am watching Lord of the Rings while I am writing this), and I was wondering If anybody knew the more technical details behind the 48V phantom system. Do you think there would be some possibility of a firmware update which would allow for individual 48V signals to be sent to each channel?? I know for me it would be excellent to have the ability to individually select a channel for power so I dont have to loose a row to those pesky power hungry condensor's. Then my other question pertains to the direct to USB, are there any drivers needed to make this feature work. Or should I just be trying with something a bit more powerful than Audacity. When I was messing around with the direct record to computer I had not yet installed my copy of Ableton (I should preface I am on windows 8.1), and so I was wondering if there were drivers I was missing, or anything in particular I haven't read about. I look forward to learning more and more about this system as it grows into the amazing beast it is destined to be (again sorry Lord of the Rings), and thank you Line 6 for these forums! They are super awesome and helpful!
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