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  1. Ich komme aus estland und ich sprache deutsch ein bisschen. Ich werde dir eine private nachricht schreiben
  2. When i got this good sound, i rendered the audio and made a comparison with what i get now. I had the project saved of course with the good audio. But if i render it again, it sounds muddy. Problem is not with rendering, it sounds muddy in the daw playback as well.
  3. The problem isnt with the bias i guess. I tried different plugins and stand alone modes, different Daws and so on. The sound im getting isnt horrible, its more or less decent. You can hear it in the recording, my regular sound vs that good one. But the sounds is not the way its supposed to be, and if i somehow got a good sound (it seems like a divine intervention already) then it must be possible, but i dont get it, what am i doing wrong.
  4. There is, but its fine, nothing is clipping as well
  5. Yes, i did that and the results are the same. If we talk about an already recorded di guitar track. But when my interface is connected in the settings it shows as the main thing, also the input and output comes through it. I even tried to disable internal sound card in my control panel, but same results.
  6. i think it is also possible that problem isnt in the interface at all. I tried using regular windows drivers and built in soundcard to process the sound and it sounds exactly the same, so i dont know wtf im doing wrong.
  7. Bias. But other plugins also sound decent, but not as good as the others share them. Well if the plugin doesnt need interface to work, then probably interface if fine. However, maybe its the interface drivers or something? For example, the bias works as a plugin, but crashes as i standalone, if i try to select asio drivers that come with ux1.
  8. Yes, the di track is fine, as i said the good sound that i got, was while using the exactly same di track. I ran line6 monkey and drivers are up to date. Here are my settings, i also tried to play with them but nothing helps. Also checked the troubleshooting guide, but nothing :/
  9. Hi, I've been trying to find a solution for a few days, but no luck and im not sure, where the problem is. So, i use UX 1, reaper and for example bias fx. And once for some reason this thing worked very well, for like half an hour, i quickly made some recording and rendered it. And that was it, my sound is muddy again. I will attach an audio, where i use same bias preset, settings seem to be the same as well and di tracks are practically the same. But, one sounds muddy, another sounds great, almost like original recording. In this recording you can hear both versions switching. The problem is, i cant get that good sound back, the way it was supposed to sound. I also tried different software and even different PC-s. The only thing i havent tried yet, is another AI. Maybe i got mine defected or something, or my settings are bad, i dont know. And do guitar plugins sound depend on the AI, if the DI track was already recorded? Any help will be appreciated, thanks. test.mp3
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