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  1. Hi , Thanks for the reply and your opinion of my situation. As a newbie, wanting to save money, all I have to go on is my ability to research and ask questions. It seems you are correct according ot the reasearch I've done and otheres I've asked. I appreciate your time and effort. You've been a great help. Steph
  2. I'm a newbie to recording. I noticed the JM4 Looper and thought it'd be nice to have drum tracks as well as the other instrument tracks available for background as I lay down loops of rhythm, lead and maybe even vocals w/ the XLR imput option. Another attractive feature is the SD card (ability to transfer to compurter & make audio copies or CD's). So, my questions have to do w/ recording, and seperation of tracks for mixing purposes. :unsure: 1.) Can I record w/ the JM4 by mic'ing my guitar amp through the XLR input as I would vocals? If so, will it also record loops of vocal tracks to overdub on those mic'd amp tracks? :unsure: 2.) Once I've created loops of "endless jam tracks" and/or "drum grooves" along w/ overdubs of self played tracks and saved them to SD card, will I be able to seperate tracks on computer software for mixing purposes later? Thanks for your consideration, :wub: Steph
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